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 The Cavemen


Sono passati più di vent’anni, the day on which that group of young people with mountain met randomly (?) during a voyage on our Volcano. That event , represented the emergence and gradual strengthening over time, of their deep passion for Etna, la natura, skiing and adventure; a force that has moved and goes even today in their extraordinary adventures, that group of Sicilian mountaineers, or "cavemen Etna".
Why cavemen? Their belief is the mountain in its most simple and natural, without unnecessary formalisms,constraints or conditioning, go straight to the point of things, but without using (too) The clave!!
The cave dwellers prefer the climbs so-called "pure"; you can go where you lead your legs and your heart, the end .... will the immense satisfaction that you try to reward!
They draw so much from the past, ancient wisdom; is often cited among them: “tanti su i chianati e tantu su i scinnuti”, a motto that educates and helps us to understand that in the mountains, as in everyday life, nothing comes to us from heaven, and whatever you have to win with sacrifice and determination.
How many adventures together, and how many mountains conquered by our skis; from most of the classic Alps, to British Columbia (Canada), penisola a Kvaloja (Norway), Rila e Pirin (Bulgaria), Alto Atlante (Morocco), almost all of the beautiful peaks closest to us central and southern Apennines.
The young men then rose, but still, being close to all of the fifty with a few less power but a lot more experience, continue to dream and maybe more then, magical snow capped mountains and beautiful virgin descents.
Saro Messina